Saturday, 21 January 2012

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Our World, Our World Our world is a ball of rock virtually 8,000 miles in diameter. Only about one quarter of its floor is dry land, the remainder is roofed with the aid of saltwater. The land is divided into large masses known as continents. Each continent is split into many international regions with many cities. The oceans cover 71% of planet Earth. There are 5 oceans on this planet. There are 7 continents on the planet and 203 nations. Each continent has totally different features and landmarks. You will see the next images right through the books. They will let you to see what every web page is about. Then that you can apply the logos to check the continents: Telescope * Landscape * Trees * Question * Climate * Animals * People * Flag * Skyscraper * Camera Our World * Continents of the World Contains 6 little board guides Use this picture to trace and color your personal world map. There are 7 continents.. And at this moment get Lowest price. View More

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